art & design 13

contents – Date of Publishing: 2017

Leoni Schmidt - Editorial
Michele Beevors - Slow Drawing, Another Viewing
Michael Greaves - Praxis, Memory, Things and the Nearby: Painting Representation
Anita DeSoto - Mataaho: Tableaux Windows on Appropriation
Steev Peyroux - Process, Freud and I
David Green - Emergence
Rachel Hope Allan - coke & popcorn: The Image and the Series
Jane Venis - The Lost Object Ensemble: Absurdities of the ‘Multifunctional’ Object
Andrew Last - The Touchstone Project
Ruth Evans - Go Mine!
Dilek Alkan Özdemir - Art Agaınst Consumption
Pam McKinlay - Still Life with EV
Siau-Jiun Lim - Painting as a Tool for Simulating Humans’ Relationship with Nature
Susan Nunn - After Dinner – A Look at Fast Food Waste and Fast Food Packaging Waste
Nilgun Salur - Raising Awareness in the Sustainable Graphic Design Class
Marion Wassenaar - Participating in Communities of Practice
Alicia Hall - Ripples: Development Through Art
Simon Swale - Fashion Blogging: Audience Participation and New Fashion Discourses
Johanna Zellmer - Clinkproject3: Collaborism
Lesley Brook - The Use of Gallery Spaces: A Case Study of CLINKProject3: Collaborism
Megan Griffiths - Alzheimer’s in Art
Susan Videler - Wound and Talisman
Peter Belton - Poems about Painters (and One Poet)
A Woodhouse and Phoebe Eden-Mann - Powerful assessment Case Study: Bachelor of Culinary Arts via an Assessment of Prior Learning
E M Davidson - Reckoning, Wrighting and Reasoning: On the Relatability of an Education in the Arts
Suzanne Emslie - In The Strawberry Patch: A Family Portrait