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The Return of the Return to Castle Wolfenstein – The Fuck Chairs

By: Michael Morley and Morgan Oliver

The Audio Foundation invited The Fuck Chairs to produce an installation and performance for the opening of the Nowhere Festival in 2016. Combining ongoing video gaming and digital audio research TFC produced a discussion around ideas of immortality, play, memory, substance, and art. Relying heavily on the extended gothic metaphors of Death Metal and employing thousands of plastic toy animals, blocks, cars, boats, planes, and soldiers of every conceivable nation, and Spyro the dragon, the installation was a celebration of post-realization rave culture suspended in a time loop.


The Fuck Chairs – The Return of the Return to Castle Wolfenstein
Audio Foundation, Poynton Terrace, Auckland, November 2016.
M-68 Viper Rocket case, two wind-chimes, 5000 plastic toys, Persian carpet, disco lighting, electric fan, digital video
projection, smoke machine, perfume and paintings.
Dimensions variable.