Artist Pages

By: Michele Beevors, Scott Eady, Adrian Hall and Jamie Oliphant

Artist’s Pages


Michele Beevors – ‘double irwin’
Michele is the Studio Coordinator for Sculpture at the Dunedin School of Art and lectures in the undergraduate programme specialising in the History of Modernist Sculpture.

Scott Eady – By The Greedy For The Greedy.
Scott is a Senior Lecturer in Sculpture at the Dunedin School of Art. He was awarded the Frances Hodgkin’s Fellowship at the University of Otago in 2002 and the Wallace Award Development prize in 2003. Scott was selected to exhibit at the Gwangju Biennale, South Korea, 2012 and Personal Structures exhibition, Venice Biennale, 2013.

Adrian Hall – Orson and the gift, 2014.
Adrian Hall was born in Cornwall in 1943 and has worked around art-schools most of his life. He has helped build houses, driven trucks, buses, trolley cars, worked on animated films in L.A, has been a motor cycle courier in London, and been a member of the professoriate at U.N.S.W. He has worked on events and film for Yoko Ono, improvised music with AMM, London, fabricated for Naum Gabo and spent most of the 70’s trying to make art in Belfast. He has worked with time-based media, and has shown artworks regularly since 1960. Adrian has been an Artist Adjunct at the Art School since 2011.

Jamie Oliphant – Deluded Loves a Lunatic
Jamie is a Technical Teacher in the Sculpture Studio at the Dunedin School of Art.

Figure 1. Michele Beevors, ‘double irwin’, 2015, Found objects. From Articulate Project Space Sydney, 2015.
Figure 2. Scott Eady, By The Greedy For The Greedy.
Figure 3. Adrian Hall, Orson and the gift, 2014.
Figure 4. Jamie Oliphant, Deluded Loves a Lunatic, bronze macrocarpa. Photo: Pam McKinlay.


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