art 2

contents – Date of Publishing: 2007

Leoni Schmidt - Collaboration
Ali Bramwell - Occupying the Pavement: Public Art
Judith Collard, Neil Emmerson - (are we there yet...?)
Bridie Lonie - Are we there yet?
Carl A Mears - Prints Charming and the Gobbit of Spit....
Ben Smith - WHAM! BAM!
Neil Emmerson - Act Natural
Susan Ballard, Caro McCaw - Embedded Ecologies: Teaching Digital Theory in Art and Design
Blue Black - Shifty
Sophia Lycouris, Jamie Billing, Tracy Cordingley, Philip Breedon - The "Snake" Project: an Interdisciplinary Framework of Discussion
Ana Terry - "wee hiccup"
Brian Wood - On ‘Curating’ "Sergeant P"
Roka Hurihia Ngarimu-Cameron - Töku Haerenga / My Journey
Mary Modeen - Remembering, Forgetting and ‘Fabling’ Place
Pat Hoffie - Dalrymple and the Possum: Re/enactment and the Uncanny in the Visual Arts
Peter Cleverley - Aborigines and the Bamiyan Buddhas
Lamis Mawafi - Stopovers
Ken Laraman - "Language of Dis-ease"
Alexandra Kennedy - "Lost in Space"
Leoni Schmidt - Codae to "Lost in Space"
Margaret Roberts - "Appease the Sun"
Adam Douglass - "The 420 Project": Life, the Universe and 26 Stafford Street
Christine Keller - "all the days of my life so far – and all the reels it took to make them"
Ralph Body, Jennifer Robertson, Julie Ryder, Christine Keller, Victoria Bell - "lightweight?"
Sudhir Kumar Dupatti, Peter Bewan - Lines that Float
Inge Brennan - Kinnen (Remembrance)
Jane Davidson - "songs of ascension: poems for Chilé / raiment series"
Lily Fraser - Fashion, Art and Rock-and-Roll
- Colophon - art : 2, 2007