art 3

contents – Date of Publishing: 2008

Leoni Schmidt - Provocations
Celia Morgan - The Ontolotask (Craft Task): Between Emptiness and Illusion
Josephine Regan - Interstices
Rose McLeod - Te Waka Me Te Haerenga: An Artist’s Journey to Te Wāipounamu
Bridgit Inder - The Whole Is Not a Sum of the Parts – Thinking about Authenticity
Lamis Mawafi - Palestinian Women’s Work: A Handmade Story
Jubilee Rajiah - India 1947 – 2007: A Reflection
Qassim Saad - Contemporary Iraqi Art: Origins and Development
Max Oettli - Lessons from an Emigré Photographer, Franz Barta
Reuben Moss - Of Two Buildings and the Space Between
Andrew Last - Archismithing: Jewellers Who Make Buildings and Buildings That Make Jewellery
Angela Lyon - Help! A Picture Stole my Image…
Max Oettli - "Postcards"
Gavin Hipkins - "Second Empire": Spots of Time
Liz Bryce - "Becoming Indigenous:The Impossible Necessity"
Brian Snapp - Mapping
Mary-Louise Edwards - Tapestry Terrain: In-Residence at the Victorian Tapestry Workshop
Victoria Edwards, Ina Johann - Investigative Strategies of Engagement
Don Hunter - Lines of Site
Wayne Everson - "Vanishing Ice"
Margaret Roberts - Art and the Status of Place
Ana Terry - "terra_data" and Other ‘Lines of Flight’
Alexandra Kennedy - "terra_data"
Juliet Novena Sorrel - Dualities within Drawing and the Work of Artists in an Expanded Field
Peter Stupples - Ground
Felix Ratcliff - User-Permutations: Space, Place and Meaning in the Paintings of Jake Walker
Michael Greaves - Painting after Painting: Losing Faith in the History of Painting
Anita DeSoto - "Pie in the sky"
Leoni Schmidt - Anita Desoto: Beauty and Ugliness
- Colophon: art: 3 November 2008