art & design 18

contents – Date of Publishing: 2019

Jane Venis - Editorial
Brendan Jon Philip - “Four”
Cyndy McKenzie - Constructing Spatiality and Dimension
Arati Kushwaha - Kalamkari: A Powerful Medium in the Field of Fashion and Art
Pam McKinlay, Anna Kluibenschedl - Coralline (G)Reef
Hope Duncan - XBD
Gavin O’Brien, Hannah Joynt - Tussock Butterfly Project
Michelle Wilkinson - The Sixth: A Jeweller’s Exploration of Extinction and Biodiversity Loss in New Zealand
CLINK Collective 2018 - CLINKProject5: Lost & Found
Macarena Bernal - Rom: Read Only Memory
Andrea Muggeridge - Muggeridgian Solids: Colour, Texture, Facets
Simon Marcus Swale - Reflections of an Urban Space: From Walking to Making
Antonia Boyle - Growth After Loss
Rachel Hope Allan - What Happens When All We Are Left With Are The Inbred And Spoonfed?
Marion Wassenaar - Encounters: Reflecting on the Trajectory of an Art Object
Dii Moffat - Interference Paint
Tom Voyce - In Transit: Searching for a Sense of ‘Place’
Max Sepulveda - Textiles and Pottery of Tagua Tagua
Elisabeth Wildling - Coincidences, Correlations, Thoughts, Processes: A Journey from Space to Silence and Back
Michele Beevors - Fu You: FU Institution Intervention
Frank Fu - An Online Chat between Frank Fu and Mr Bald
Yves Gore - Life vs. Performance: Deconstructing Depression, Grief and Suicidal Ideation
Ralph Paine - Of Cosmic Twins
Courtnee Bennett - Multicultural Art Education Professional Development: What an American Teacher Learned from New Zealand Art Educators and Artists
- Colophon