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Border Crossings: New Dialogues in Pacific Art & Design

contents – Date of Publishing: 2012

Graham Fletcher - Border Crossings: New Dialogues in Pacific Art and Design
Karen Stevenson - New Markets For Contemporary Pacific Art: Creative New Zealand and the Push ‘Offshore’
Melanie Rands, Andrea Low - Never Mind
Bridget Inder - What’s In A Name – The Label ‘Pasifika’
Kolokesa Uafā Māhina-Tuai, Manuēsina ‘Ofa-ki-Hautolo Māhina - “Nimamea’a: The Fine Arts of Tongan Embroidery and Crochet”
Selina Woulfe - Skin Boundaries
Bronwyn Lloyd - Readingahouse
Lily Laita - In and out of a Void
Katherine Higgins - Creative Starts: Workshop-Style Programmes In Oceania
Lydia Baxendell, Fatu Feu’u - Rebuilding through Art: An Interview with Fatu Feu’u
Jacquie Phipps, Giles Peterson - On Curating: “Tïaho” – A conversation with curator Giles Peterson
Tiffany Singh - Mitakuye Oyasin
Leafa Wilson - Apparition I & Ii: Digital Images 2010/2012
Melissa Reimer - Review: Michel Tuffery, “Siamani Samoa,” Andrew Baker Art Dealer, Brisbane, 13 June–14 July 2012, And Commemorative Stamps, August 2012
Daren Kamali, Tanya Muagututi’a - Smile Say Halo – Me Belong You – You Belong Me
Emma Kesha - 2012 Festival of Pacific Arts – Artist Profile
A’anoalii Rowena Fuluifaga - New Spaces And Boundaries Within Poutasi Village, Upolu, Samoa: The Fatu Feu’u Art Centre
Max Bellamy, Emily Hlavac-Green - Underexposed
Marion Cadora - Cosmopolitanism and a New Generation of Art in Papua New Guinea
Kenneth Merrick - Mining in the Fields of Interest
Darcell Dorothy Apelu - My Detachment
Graham Fletcher, Victoria Bell - Viewpoint: “Pasifika Cool” (Revisited)
Philippa Keaney - Soulfood: The Roles of Food, Faith, Family and Arts in Self and Community Identity
Jared Mackley-Crump - Some Thoughts on the Significance of Otago’s Polyfest
Caro McCaw, Pam McKinlay - A Community Project: The Making of "Te Moananui Ä Kiwa"
Catherine Cocker - Conversations About Archetype and Fetish
Victoria Bell - “Resisting Africa:” Notes on an Exhibition
- Colophon: Border Crossings: New Dialogues in Pacific Art and Design | art & design: 7 November 2012