Health and Wellbeing 5


contents – Date of Publishing: 2020

Ian Crabtree, Mary Butler - Editorial
Keith Whiddon - Little Woodbatch, Market Garden: An Interview with Daphne Page, Bishop’s Castle, UK
Kathie Lasater - Collaboration: Reflections on an Academic Career
Caitlyn Lyttle - What Enables Retiring Adults Living on Great Barrier Island to Manage Long-Term Chronic Conditions?
Suzie Bartlett, Cynthia Mullens, Teresa Bradfield, Jean Ross - Disrupted Learning during the COVID-19 Pandemic Collaborating Together Strengthens Our Efforts
Joanne Robertson-Smith, John Edmond - The Experiences of Commencing an In Situ Simulation Education Programme in an Acute and Critical Inpatient Hospital Environment
Ruth Crawford, Lyn Wardlaw, Nicola Hughes, Helen Lelean - Collaboration between Clinical Practice Providers and a School of Nursing: Now Is Good
Samantha Heath, Sally Clendon, Roberta Hunter - Fit for Educational Purpose? The Findings of a Mixed Methods Study of Nurses’ Decisions to Participate in Professional Development and Recognition Programmes
Jean Ross, Samuel Mann, Keith Whiddon - Collaboration Enhances Community Wellbeing: A Community Development Research Framework
Francesca Brown - Profit and Staff Wellness: Can We Have Both in Veterinary Practice in New Zealand
Machiko Niimi, Mary Butler, Sarah Drummond, Kelechi Ogbuehi, Karen Parker - Designing Together: “Vision 2020: Co-Design Project"
Erana Heperi - Equity in Health: A Review of Disparities among Mäori Pre and Post Cultural Safety Education/Kawa Whakaruruhau in New Zealand
Raveena Victor John, Mary Butler - Family-Centred Practice in a Rehabilitation Setting
Jessica Hope, Mary Butler - Moral Courage in Bicultural Contexts: The Need for Cultural Sensitivity in Practice
Georgia Hanson - Cervical Screening Engagement with Mäori Women: Barriers to Screening and the Role of the Non-Mäori Nurse
Helen Jeffery - Adventure Therapy: Using Adventurous Activities as Occupational Therapy
Kerry Davis - Building Capacity and Enthusiasm for Senior Person’s Health
Kaitlin Perry - Nurse Resilience in Acute Clinical Settings
Hashim Mir - Inappropriate Attenders: Motives Behind Seeking Emergency Care
Sian Sunckell - Telehealth: Overcoming Barriers for Rural Healthcare
Jasmine Monaghan - Immunotherapy vs Chemotherapy for Breast Cancer: How Improved Collaboration can Improve Outcomes
Olivia Churchman - Cold Chain and its Importance
Nicola McQuillan - Rising Figures in Student Depression: Can Exercise Replace Pharmaceuticals?
Ella Ng - Type 1 Diabetic Youth: Is the New Zealand Healthcare System Failing Them?
Lucy Melchert - Cannabis, a Growing Problem: For Adolescents
Madison Gartner - Let’s Talk about Sex: A Role for Nurses and Teachers in Secondary Schools
Sarah Boomer, Libby Blore, Sian Louden, Nicola McQuillan, Maddie Nash, Ailing Pang, Sarah Roy, Laurie Mahoney - Children with Disabilities Community Assessment – Autism
Poppy Restieaux, Amanda Norgate, Caitlyn Lyttle, Courtney Anderson, Jasmine Monaghan, Josh Baxter, Lucy Gonsalves, Natascha Gray, Sarah Thompson, Sophie Hooker, Tayla Stanton, Tyla Gartner, Jean Ross - Sustainable Rural Futures: A Health Perspective on Bishop’s Castle
- Colophon