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Jean Ross


  1. Editorial: Islands an Approach to Understanding the World
  2. Disrupted Learning during the COVID-19 Pandemic Collaborating Together Strengthens Our Efforts Jean Ross ( ORCID No.
  3. Collaboration Enhances Community Wellbeing: A Community Development Research Framework Jean Ross (, Samuel Mann ( and Keith Whiddon (
  4. Sustainable Rural Futures: A Health Perspective on Bishop’s Castle
  5. Rural Communities
  6. Rural Nursing in Aotearoa New Zealand and Australia: Embracing Strategic Foresight to Sustain Tomorrow’s Workforce
  7. Narrative Inquiry Insights: Rural Nurse Responses to Decades of Change
  8. Global Rural Nursing Student Exchange: Engaging with the Chase Model and Fostering Worldview Intelligence Towards Solution-Focused Community Wellbeing
  9. Nurse Learners’ Educational Interaction with Communities as ‘Living Labs’ Has Proven to Impact Positively on the Sustainability of Rural Community Health-care Outcomes
  10. Evidence-based Health Promotion for Youth, Farmers and Families of the Gore Community: A Focus on Mental Health and Family Violence
  11. A sustainable community development project for the resident mothers and infants of Tarras
  12. A health sustainability project for the communities of Milton Otago, New Zealand
  13. Uniqueness of place as defined by it’s interactions
  14. Place’ is more than a physical location: A broader engagement of ‘Place’ to futher understand nursing practice
  15. A place for simulation in primary health care nursing education: What does it look like?
  16. Place-based rural primary health care nursing practice: A study set in rural Otago, New Zealand
  17. E-Scooters within Dunedin City: A sustainable outreach project
  18. The Development of a Transformational Model: A Learner-centered Approach to Enhance Nursing Competence
  19. Sustainable community development: Student nurses making a difference
  20. From Practice to Evidence and Evidence to Practice: Bachelor of Nursing Year 3 Education and Powerful Assessment
  21. The Health Discourse Blog 
  22. Supporting the Health of Fijian Women
  23. Mental Health and Wellbeing of Tertiary Learners: What Do We Need to Know
  24. Connecting – Fellows Take Action: An International Rural Collaboration