Work-based Learning 1

contents – Date of Publishing: 2020

Malcolm Macpherson, Martin Andrew, Jan Hendrik Roodt, Jo Kirkwood - Editorial
Don Amila Sajeevan Samarasinghe, Jeremy Taylor - My Transformational and Reflective Journey through the GDTE (ILP) – a journey of discovery
Jeremy Hanshaw - Walk Boldly in the New Light
Oonagh McGirr - On Second Chances, Epistemological Shifts and Becoming Hydra
Margy-Jean Malcolm - A self-determined learning environment supporting change-makers
Tracy Te Wake - Oral assessment as a strategy for decolonising education
Bonnie Robinson - Can you Build a Bicycle while you ride it? An Auto-ethnographical Critical Reflection on Leadership, Values and doing Doctoral Work during COVID-19
David Woodward, Shannon Booth, Sarah Redfearn, Elise Allen, Don Amila Sajeevan Samarasinghe, Alexa Forbes - Developing evidence-based teaching practice
Anne Alkema - Vocational workplace learning: Who is in the driver’s seat?
Vicki Rangitautehanga Murray - Mai te kore ki te ao mārama. A journey from the darkness toward the light
Steve Henry, Kelli Te Maihāroa, John Gualter, David Woodward, Robyn Hogan, Martin Andrew - Communities of Practice for Independent Learning Practitioners at Capable NZ, Otago Polytechnic
Steve Henry - Self-determined Learning as a Response to Disruption in Post-secondary Formal Education
Samuel Mann - Shape of Professional Practice Research
Robin Day, Heather Carpenter, Glenys Ker, Phil Ker - Capable NZ: Persevering to Success
Martin Andrew, Jo Kirkwood, Malcolm Macpherson, Jan Hendrik Roodt - Robin Day: A Tribute
- Colophon