Work-based Learning 2

contents – Date of Publishing: 2021

Martin Andrew, Jan Hendrik Roodt - Editorial: Our Choir of Work-based Research
Glenys Ker, Martin Andrew - Malcolm Macpherson: “I Cannot Teach Anybody Anything; I Can Only Make Them Think”
Martin Andrew - Interventions to Assure Rigour in a Professional Practice Doctorate
Claire Goode, Martin Andrew - “You Don’t Have to Be Who You’re Not”: Reflections on the Learner-Mentor Journey in a Professional Doctorate
Bonnie Robinson - Plovers In Lockdown: An Autoethnographic Study about Values in Leadership Decision-Making
Alexa Forbes, Steve Henry - Designed to Inspire, Disrupt and Transform: Reflections on 10 Years of the Graduate Diploma in Sustainable Practice
Sandy Geyer, Jan Hendrik Roodt - Empowering Voices Of Entrepreneurial/Enterprise Leadership From Within: A Learning Journey
Lesley Brook - Extending the Professional Toolkit: A Case Study of Work-Based Learning in Research Management
Mandy Pentecost, Karlin Austin - “A Really Important Role”: Using a Participant-Voiced Poem to Explore Students’ Expression of Social Work’s Professional Identity
Kathryn Wright - My Mahi Toi
Robert Nelson - Ode to an Educator, Work Based Learner and Change Agent
Johana Alexandra Nino Rodriguez, Marianne Cherrington - Communicating Trusts
Campbell Macgregor, Alison Stewart, Mary Cooper, Pavitra Dhamija - A National Snapshot of Sterilisation Technology: Preparing Students for Professional Practice
Marcia Johnson - Professional Development through the Harmony of Different Voices within Constructive Critical Conversations
Vicki Rangitautehanga Murray, Ashley Winiata Simpson, Te Poono Te Poono, Charlie Houia, Patricia Denny - Haumi E, Hui E – A Gathering of Reflections
Kevin Hollingsworth, Vicki Rangitautehanga Murray, Goldie Mihinui, Billy Mihinui, Tuihi Carre, Tiwana Taiatini, Pauline Tai, Edith Te Papa - Ka Tiritiria – Sharing the Seeds of ‘Hope’ (Hold On Pain Ends)
- Colophon