Learning and Teaching 10

contents – Date of Publishing: 2021

David McMaster, Trish Chaplin-Cheyne - Editorial: Exploring Connections
Amber Paterson - Aligning Learner Capabilities to Industry – A Research Snapshot
Judith Honeyfield, Reghuram Ravindran - Developing Undergraduate Nursing Mental Health and Addictions Teaching: Practice and Education Perspectives
Cath Fraser, Judith Honeyfield, Mary White - Repositioning Aged Healthcare as a Preferred Career Option for Nursing Students: Lessons from the Literature
Bradley Hannigan, Dilhan Athapaththu - Sri Lankan Graduates’ Perspectives on Vocational Education and Post-Study Employment
Helen Geytenbeek, Lesley Gill, Rachel Byars, Melissa Clarke-Fuller - Exploring Interventions that Reduce Learner Aversion to Working in Teams
John Mumford - Embedding Critical Thinking in Information Technology Number Systems Studies: Reflections on Teaching Binary and Decimal Conversions within a Foundational Developing Computer Applications Course
Tara Malone - Effective Formative Assessment Strategies Contribute Positively to the Work-Readiness of New Graduates in Higher Education
Roz Tocker - A Starry Starry Night: Learnings from a Multicultural Matariki Dinner Hosted by a Cohort of International Students
Claire Goode, Ana Terry, Hugh Harlow, Rachel Cash - Mining for Gold: Learning Analytics and Design for Learning: A Review
Terri Brian - Educational Equity and the Application of Technology: A Critical Approach
Amy Benians, Nathan Laurie - A Pedagogy of Co-Creation: What Improvements does Co-Creation bring to Vocational Learning Environments?
Amber Fraser-Smith - Recognising a World of Experience: Embracing Ako with Refugee-Background Students
Trudy Pocock, Anthea Fester - Youth in Care with Emotional and Behavioural Challenges: Alternative Pathways to Tertiary Education
Charlotte Chisnell, Mandy Pentecost, Sue Hanna - An Invisible Population – The Experiences of Young Adult Carers Studying at The Eastern Institute of Technology
Emma Collins, Josie Crawley - Learning Unveiled: Reflecting on Unexpected Outcomes from COVID-19
Kawtar Tani - Those Who Can Do, Teach: The Importance of Bridging the Delivery and Application of Learning in Tertiary Education
Amy Benians, Danny Fridberg - On Becoming an Autonomous Teaching Professional: Mapping Staff Professional Development Preferences
David Woodward, Shannon Booth, Elise Allen, Alexa Forbes, Cushla Donnelly, Jeremy Taylor - Constructivism and Reflective Practice: An Evidence-Based Approach to Tertiary Teaching
Marcia Johnson, Martin Andrew, Glenys Ker - Eclectic Critical Conversations as a Strategy for Learning in Professional Contexts
Marcia Johnson - Eclectic Learning: Transdisciplinary Preparation
Trish Chaplin-Cheyne - The Limitations of Transformational Leadership
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